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Bosham: all free community website. Bosham is one of the most historic places in Sussex and a wonderful community to live in or visit.

Bosham is one of the most historic Villages in West Sussex, also one of the prettiest.

The name Bosham is derived from the old English 'Bosanhamm' - Bosas water meadow as it was known in 750AD, or possibly 'Boscusham' meaning wood hamlet. Formerly in the province of the South Saxons and the Earldom of Wessex, it became Boseham in 1086, 20 years after the Norman conquest. Bede tells us that before St. Wilfrid established Christianity in the Parish a Benedictine monk named Dicul built a monastery here c.680AD.

Bosham is thought by many to be the birth and burial place of the last Saxon King (Harold, King of England & Earl of Wessex). It was from Bosham that he sailed for Normandy in 1064 and both he and Bosham Church are depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry. Other historic characters include King Canute (Cnut) of "turning the tide" fame and Herbert of Bosham, biographer and friend of Archbishop Thomas Becket, murdered by King Henry II... more


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They say Bosham is at risk of losing it's fire station due to "a shortage of trained volunteers"...
BUT... is this the truth? 

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How to get to Bosham:

Bosham is located between Portsmouth and Chichester. From the north, take the A3(M) to exit 5, then go east on the A27(M). From the east or west, follow the A27(M) or M27 respectively. Then take the A259 coast road and follow the signposts. Map reference: SU 803039.  Other modes of transport & maps here.

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"Better to have been a fisherman at Bosham, my good Herbert,
Thy birthplace, the sea creek, the petty rill, That falls into it the green field, the grey church
the simple lobster basket and the mesh."


The Debate concerning King Harold

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